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Providing packing solutions to pharmaceuticals, telecommunications service providers and the F&B industry.
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Offset Printing: The most advanced & comprehensive machinery in sheet fed offset printing, providing tailor made solutions for every one of your requirements. From our attractively equipped model of the Speedmaster CX 102 5+V press right through to the Peak Performance class
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Brialle Universal Standard System

Braille is mandatory on pharmaceutical packaging in all EU countries. We were the first to introduce this service in Egypt through an in line production process in order to save time and offer a better quality.

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Safety Stock Policy

It`s our win win strategy as we always set a rescue plan In order to support our clients in times where production materials are rare and high in price, which gives us at Propack an advantage to set a flexible price for longer periods and to maintain our quality standards.

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In-House Finishing Application

We have equipped Propack with all the post press application services in order to maintain 3 important success factors.
1- Time
2- Confdentiality
3- Qualty


ISO 9001:2008

Quality Management System,
QMS, ISO 9001:a2008